Metal detector XP DEUS X35 with coil DD 28, headphones WS5

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Metal detector XP DEUS X35 with coil DD 28, headphones WS5
Metal detector XP DEUS X35 with coil DD 28, headphones WS5
€ 825,00

The most successful and popular configuration of XP Deus x35 metal detector — Light. It is equipped with a large DD 28 search coil and full-sized WS5 headphones!

This metal detector is lightweight, handy and user-friendly. Its circuit design has elements of fast wireless communication between the search coil and the headphones, which is very convenient in terms of operation, as there is no communication cable that interferes with the searching process, and in some cases, when the cable is winded around the stem, causes unstable operation or failures.

Search coil is a new generation X35

The latest software version (5.2) is installed. It supports the new multi-frequency mode — X35.

This mode allows using any possible frequency from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz, which will certainly come in handy for any treasure hunter who knows for what purposes to use frequency adjustment.

For example, a low frequency is more suitable for finding large silver coins or massive jewellery, and a higher frequency, for example, 18 or 27 kHz, is designed to detect small ferrous targets, such as coins or gold nuggets.

WS5 wireless headphones are used as the control box in this configuration.

These headphones are very compact and convenient to operate. They are equipped with a special regulating handle, a small display for visual control over the settings and a small control interface in the form of 3 buttons used to set up the detector or the search coil.

The design of the headphones is great and relatively rigid. They can be used in the open air, since they are not afraid of rain, fog and other weather factors that can adversely affect their operation.

WS5 headphones and branded case

XP Deus metal detector is powered by built-in lithium-polymer batteries with a capacity of 630 mAh, which is enough for 16 hours of continuous search. If recharging is needed, any power bank or an original charger can be used.

In general, thanks to such a great technical fit-out, XP Deus X35 Light metal detector with a 28 cm search coil will be good at searching for various coins, hoards of artefacts, treasures, as well as other ancient artefacts buried or hidden in the territory of Latvia and Europe in the old days!

Key Features

  • Successful wireless configuration, lightweight, compact
  • Robust telescopic stem with a U-shaped arm rest
  • 28 cm DD multi-frequency search coil, 35 frequencies available
  • Large full-sized WS5 headphones with microprocessor control
  • 5 years official warranty for the control box, headphones and search coil.

What's in the box:

XP Deus Metal Detector. In the original box

  • Telescopic stem with an armrest
  • X35 series DD 28 cm search coil
  • Mounting kit for the coil
  • WS5 wireless headphones
  • Protective headphones bag
  • 220V mains charger
  • USB cable for PC synchronization
  • User manual ENG
Purpose of the deviceSearch for coins, jewelry, treasures
Principle of operationVLF
Coil includedDD 28 cm (11'')
Headphones includedWireless WS 5
Firmware version5.2-X35 Series
Overall rating expert MD Shop★★★★★
Official guarantee5 years for electronics, 2 years for battery

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