21x25 cm Mono Search Coil for XP GMaxx

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21x25 cm Mono Search Coil for XP GMaxx
21x25 cm Mono Search Coil for XP GMaxx
€ 128,00
What's in the box

It is a round-shaped search coil for XP GMaxx metal detector. Linear dimensions 21x2 cm, Mono operation mode, operates at a frequency of 4 kHz.

This search coil is the best option to search for nonferrous targets at areas known for a high content of metal debris. This coil is distinguished by high accuracy and great detection depth thanks to its electromagnetic field in the form of a pointed cone. However, you will have to apply it much oftener as compared to a DD search sensor, which electromagnetic field is like a blade.

If you need sniper accuracy and you clearly understand why you need a search coil operating in the Mono mode, do not hesitate to buy this model!

Key features

  • Compact shape, robust housing, Mono mode
  • Accurate operation at littered territories
  • Long communication cable, gold-plated connector
  • Fastener kit and plastic cover
  • 5 years official warranty from the date of purchase.
ManufacturerXP Detectors
Coil size in inches9x4''
The size of the coil in inches21x25 cm
Coil typeMono
Plastic protectionIn the set
Optional accessoryCoil mounting kit
Adaptation to the metal detectorXP GMaxx 2 / ADX series
Official guarantee5 years

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  • 21x25 cm Mono search coil
  • 21x25 cm plastic cover
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