Terms of Service

Relationships between the representative of Mdshop.lv and the customer are regulated by the general terms and conditions drawn up by ALBUS GROUP LLC and legal acts of the Republic of Latvia.

Terms and conditions drawn up by ALBUS GROUP LLC:

The order is placed by the person (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer) on Mdshop.lv online store represented by the representative (hereinafter referred to as the Seller). Ordering on www.mdshop.lv website is treated as the formation of Purchase and Sale Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

Placing an order

The Buyer places an order by electronic means adding the item to the virtual shopping cart. The order is deemed to be placed from the moment when the Buyer chooses the "Checkout" function. The Seller submits to the Buyer an email containing the invoice for payment and displays it on the screen. The invoice displayed on the screen is automatically saved on the Mdshop.lv server.

The Buyer is responsible for the correctness of his order. If the Buyer does not pick up ordered goods within two working days, the order will be automatically cancelled.

1.2. Coming the order into force

The order comes into force from the moment when the corresponding amount of the purchase price indicated on www.mdshop.lv online store is received on the current account of ALBUS GROUP LLC.


The prices of all items listed on www.mdshop.lv website are given in EURO. All the prices contain 21% turnover tax. The Buyer pays for the goods according to the invoice issued by ALBUS GROUP LLC. The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order and the invoice if the Buyer has not paid the invoice by the specified due date. The Buyer pays for the goods to the current account in the bank specified by ALBUS GROUP LLC.

Delivery time

Delivery time of goods that are available in stock is 1-2 working days. The corresponding note about the item availability (“in stock”) is placed near each item.

Delivery time starts from the moment of coming the Agreement into force (clause 1.2). Delivery time of goods under the order is up to 30 days. The Seller disclaims all liability in case it’s supplier will not produce or deliver the goods anymore. In this case, the Buyer is not obliged to pay for the goods. A zero invoice (0.00 eur) will be issued for the goods under the order, which does not oblige the Buyer to anything.

If the payments for the ordered goods is received before 3:30 pm, the goods will be delivered on the following working day. If the order is placed on Saturday or Sunday, we will ship the goods to the courier on the nearest Monday and the Buyer will receive them on Tuesday.

Representative of the courier service will call you and inform about the delivery time. If the Buyer does not answer the phone call and/or does not at home by the appointed time, the package will be delivered back to the Seller’s warehouse.

The goods are handed over to the Buyer together with the invoice (one copy) and the bill of lading, on which the Buyer is obliged to sign. Before signing, we recommend to check the package and scope of delivery. If the package or goods are damaged during transportation, they should be headed back to the Seller and replaced with new undamaged goods in undamaged package. Subsequent claims regarding package and scope of delivery will not  be satisfied.

Return of goods and cancellation of order

The Buyer has the right to exchange the received goods for another goods of equal value, as well as if the goods are not suitable, to return them within 14 days. The Buyer shall return the goods with prior notification to the Seller filling the return form. The message should contain the Seller’s invoice number, the Buyer's name, the Buyer’s account number and the reason for returning the goods. The package of the returned goods and the items itself must be undamaged. The goods in damaged package and damaged goods are not subject to return.

If the returned goods are damaged and the reason is beyond the control of ALBUS GROUP LLC as well as improper use of the goods, ALBUS GROUP LLC reserves the right to deduct compensation for the damage. If the Buyer does not agree with the amount of compensation, the Buyer has the right to demand the determination of the decline in value of the goods by an independent expert. All the expenses for the independent expert’s work shall be paid by the party whose viewpoint was determined as unfounded.

If the goods are returned partially and the transportation costs have not been paid in advance, these transportation costs are deducted from the returned goods amount in accordance with the price list.

Warranty and purchase returns

The Seller is bearing responsibility for the conformity of the goods with the requirements and terms of the Agreement for a period of two years after handover of the goods to the Buyer. It is assumed that the non-conformity to the terms of Agreement that occurred within six months after handover of the goods to the Buyer was already present when the goods were transferred, unless this assumption is contrary to the nature of the goods. The terms and conditions of the warranty are included with each item covered with the warranty.

The manufacturer disclaim liability for the following:

a.) Goods damaged due to the fault of the Buyer.

b.) Damage/defects caused by improper use of the goods.

c.) Damage/defects caused by the failure to comply with requirements of the manual for the goods.

Non-compliance of the goods should be reported to shop@mdshop.lv or by phone +371 270-44-072.

If the goods does not meet the Buyer’s demands, the Buyer has the right to replace the goods with the other ones without disadvantages or refuse the order and return the goods.

The amount paid for the returned goods is refunded to the Buyer's bank account within 7-14 days from the moment of receiving the goods by the Seller. The Buyer shall immediately notify the Seller of any non-conformity with the requirements within 2 months. If the Buyer has continued to use the goods after a defect has been detected, the Buyer's claims shall not be satisfied.

Please be informed that if the Buyer purchases the goods in "MD SHOP" retail store (at the registered permanent retail location with an address at Jūrkalnes iela 15/25, Zemgales priekšpilsēta, Riga, the Buyer cannot use the right of rejection of goods because when buying the goods in the retail store, the Buyer has the right and opportunity to make acquainted with the goods before purchasing. Purchase made in "MD SHOP" retail store is not covered by the remote Agreement, but it is a purchase made in a permanent retail location.

www.mdshop.lv online store reserves the right to refuse the Buyer to use the rights of rejection of goods or delay the compensation in cases where the package of goods is damaged, as well as evidences of careless handling e.g. scratches and similar cosmetic defects are visible.

Privacy policy

The Seller shall not distribute the Buyer's personal data. The Seller shall not disclose the Buyer's personal data to third persons as well as the Buyer has the right to demand deleting Buyer's personal data from the Seller's database.

Other terms and conditions

(All promos are valid as long as the products are in stock!)

The terms and conditions of www.mdshop.lv apply to all customers equally. In addition to the general terms and conditions drawn up by ALBUS GROUP LLC, both the Buyer and the Seller are protected by the laws of the Republic of Latvia. The interests of the Buyer are protected by the Consumer Rights Protection Centre.

ALBUS GROUP LLC solves any misunderstandings with its customers peacefully by way of negotiations. If the parties do not find a suitable solution, both parties have the right to contact the Consumer Rights Protection Centre.

Retail store address: Jūrkalnes iela 15/25, Zemgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga

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