Backpack for Garrett AT Pro/Gold/Max (RGAT01K)

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€ 28,00
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Backpack for Garrett AT Pro/Gold/Max (RGAT01K)
Backpack for Garrett AT Pro/Gold/Max (RGAT01K)
€ 28,00
What's in the box

Albus Genuine Backpack RGAT01K for Garrett AT!

A special backpack designed for comfortable carrying of Garrett metal detector and search accessories. It is suitable for all series of devices having the AT (All Terrain) postfix.

The backpack is made of high-quality waterproof fabric. Its design has one spacious compartment for a disassembled metal detector.

At the same time there are special pockets for all removable elements of the device (control box, search coil, stems). The configuration includes a small pocket designed for a pinpointer.

There are two small straps made of thick sling ropes designed to carry a metal detector behind the back. In addition, these straps are equipped with small buckles that are used to adjust the length.

The front part of this genuine backpack has small pockets designed for carrying small accessories, such as backup power sources, documents or personal things. Zip fasteners are used to get access to the inner compartment and pockets. They are conveniently closed with a motion of the hand.

Key Features:

  • Durable and waterproof fabric
  • Two convenient S-shaped straps
  • High-quality zip fasteners with sliders.

This genuine backpack for Garrett AT metal detector is made of high-quality and healthy materials with professional sewing equipment.

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  • Genuine backpack for Garrett AT metal detector (RGAT01K)
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